The cookware My Lady is designed with futuristic lines. It shows innovative technical solutions for a product where soft lines fit into well-defined geometric shapes. The innovatively deigned bottom follows the line of the body pot; a special production technique guarantees a thickness of the bottom of eight millimeters for a good heat diffusion and an optimised cooking; this enables the cookware to save energy. The handles are designed with a functional slender shape and a safety, smooth and comfortable grip, which can be used in the oven. The shape is exclusive and modern and allows the cookware to have more water inside the pot than the tradditional cylindrical shape. In this way, there is a better cooking of all the pasta and rice that need to have more water for a better result in the kitchen.

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"My Lady" Cookware Project, 2003-2004
Designers: Claudio Bellini, Atelier Bellini, Milan, Italy
Manufacturer: Barazzoni SpA., Invorio (NO), Italy

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